Why “Bread crumbs for a road trip ?” asked my imaginary twelve year old niece. Well, it tells the story of two adolescents taking a long walk in the forest and ending up in a cottage with a refrigerator full of cakes, ice cream and cookies. Filling their backpacks with sweets,  they started their road adventures, hoping to find similar cottages but intelligently dropped crumbs along the way to make sure they find their way back in case they didn’t find any. But at each clearing, they did. And they became fat but lived happily ever after.

My niece Mary, who is plump as a ripe plum in mid-August, took it all in. She was amazed at this story, having spent all her free time playing candy crush instead of reading her classics. One thing for sure, I was not going to tell her Grimm’s grim fairy tale about a weak father who abandoned his two children and a sex-obssessed witch who wooed young kids with candies.

It’s about food. It’s about travel. My two favourite subjects, which almost always drive me to the edge of gluttony and itchy wanderings. And what better way to express my passion for both than in writing dairy tales and tripe journals?

(illustration from webclasse.wordpress.com)


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